SIM disabled?

Well, well, when your SIM card on your Cingular GPRS Wireless connection has been disabled, somehow, your Cingular customer service will connect you you to the Sony Help Desk since they have recompiled the Cingular Connection Manager for your Sony VAIO VGN-SZ370P. Since you have not been able to connect for the last 120 days, the license on the software would have also expired (apparently your license renews to always 120 days since last connection)….oh, they will at least check the status of the towers in your area, because service is “market” dependent. (And don’t ask if EVDO is faster than GPRS? they are not allow to guess your “market”)

Well then over at Sony, they will search their database (which hopefully now has this info in it) and in the mean time let you reinstall the same drivers many times (and reboot, yeah, you are not that lucky, come on)…so when you kindly decline they have to search more…I have reinstalled the whole system 2 from the recovery disks, so reinstalling old drivers has been proven useless….and unless they give you new drivers…yeah right…1 hour later, back to Cingular…(did I leave the part out where they ask your name, model number, phone number and tell you to send $29 since your computer is out of warranty, how did they know that? i bought the machine 2006.12.27!!!! It is not even 3 months today???)

So then I tried to download and install the newer Cingular Connection Manager (5.3.x.x that is and not 3.1.x.x, life changes fast huh?) to at least see how important the Sony addition to the software is….well at least the license is valid for 120 more days now, AND the customer 1800 number is the right one!

So calling Cingular again, knowing that it is SIM card time now (I made photocopies first, then no more reboots to pull the battery out), they check, check and check, oops the phone number on the SIM does not match the account…well lets change it….no sorry, not powerful enough software…well what then…oh, by the way, can’t do anything with a deactivated SIM card…well who did THAT…..can’t tell….and???…….think think think….how ’bout a NEW SIM CARD….. BRILLIANT!!!!

So here is the only good part about the last three months and my boss’s computer, I get to walk over to the Cingular store and get a brand new SIM card for FREE!!!! It even connected in the store, with the non-Sony version of Connection Manager (Just have to explain to the boss why the connection manager and the Intel PROSet wireless monitor is fighting over the WLAN, while the XP native support is not smiling either)…don’t you love computers and wireless missions?


~ by nambabwe on 2007/03/12.

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