Three Ball – The Rules

3-Ball was invented, patent-pending, to reduce the time it takes employees to play and enjoy pool.

To play 3-ball, you need three solid balls, three striped balls and a black ball. (if you have only snooker balls, you can use 3 red and 3 color balls)

Players takes turns to aim at any ball until a player successfully puts the first ball into a pocket, and from then on he/she can only hit that group (solid or striped) first with the cue ball.

Making an error, like hitting the wrong group ball first, putting the cue (white) ball in the pocket, missing the balls alltogehter, or sinking the black ball before all the balls from the players group is sunk, will result in a ball from the player’s group, to be taken from a pocket and placed on the dot where the triangle was set up initially. When there are already three balls from that group on the table, the next player gets to shoot twice.

When all the balls from the group are sunk, the player has to pocket the black ball to win. No need to pick into which hole, and when making an error on the black ball, a bell from his/her original group is placed on the starting dot, and the player has to sink that ball before aiming at the black ball again.

Enjoy 3-ball!


~ by nambabwe on 2008/07/10.

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