KuduClub Topic 7?

7.  What are the terms of a membership?

The Annual Gold Membership: With our annual membership you pay for ten months and get two free! If you are upgrading, your annual membership will start from your next billing date at which time you will be billed US$99.50. Until your next billing date, you will be charged on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the current billing cycle, based on the number of days remaining until your next billing date. You will however be refunded for this immediately if you are still subscribed to the monthly package.
(Wasn’t this what Nambabwe was doing, and got charged $119.40? Yeah, he read the part about the pro rated, but the initial charge should be $99.50)

First time members of the Annual Gold Membership: Buy 10 Months and get 2 Months Free, billed $99.50 on the day of purchase, for 12 months access, then billed $119.40 every twelve months.

The Monthly Gold Membership: Buy a $9.95 Monthly Membership, billed $9.95 on the day of purchase for monthly access, and billed $9.95 every month thereafter.

The Annual Platinum Membership: Buy a $179.50 Annual Membership, billed $179.50 on the day of purchase for 12 months access. This membership is only available to certain countries where we have rugby rights.


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