Digital Photo Frame or Slower, Inexpensive Computer Monitor

I need the latter one … or maybe several of them on my PC (“Up to 127 devices, including the hub devices…on a single host controller”, says wikipedia) … I have more than one controller, so imagine 200 eight inch monitors?!?

Where in the world do you find a Digital Photo Frame that will display the picture as you drag or send it from you computer (and WiFi versions don’t count yet and most of them only download your album from Flickr once an hour, not good). Almost all that I’ve seen has this little habbit (including my digital camera) to show you on the screen that there is a “PC Connection” or “Data Connection” and when you pull the USB cord, it goes through some elaborate bootup procedure before showing your art!

I would like to have a Digital Photo Frame, that does not bother to tell me the USB is connected, and will cycle through all or one picture in it’s memory, while I can change one of the images from a computer. Yes, in real time or close, like 2 seconds…and if you suggest a Wifi version, note that the price is still twice and most of the time the default setup requires some RSS or Flikr deal to scan for changes every 3 minutes … and that is far away from 2 seconds!

OK, almost there:

Samsung makes an SPF-85H that claims to include a feature called Mini Monitor … well the short story is that this (after installing some drivers into Windows (only and don’t use the wrong cdrom, it has a virus) works now as a 2nd or 3rd Windows display, just like your laptop can have an external monitor hooked up to it as well. Well, not bad, but it is way more than I need and you can only have ONE of these according to the manual.

Well at least you can put your own picture on this screen now … but wait … when the LCD screen comes on the first time with the cable plugged in, or it was on and you connected the USB cable, the LCD does not know what mode to go into: Mass Storage or Mini-Monitor, so it prompts it to you on the screen and waits until you choose…whoopy, poor train driver!

There is one way out of this I found, when you plug the cable in, the FrameManager software for a brief moment shows the Mini-Monitor option available while the kadienk-kadienk is happening …

and if you were fast enough to click on this (nothing would happen) the Mini-Monitor would grey out (kadienk-kadienk) and the Mass Storage menu item would become available, so now you could click that (2 more kadienk-kadienks) and now you can click on the Mini-Monitor menu item again to enable the video monitor! (but when would you do all this clicking when the computer is the one starting up and the USB is already connected?)

How ’bout the original photo frame idea with loading a picture into the Mass Storage device (the 1GB onboard memory in this case) … well you have an even better option: there is a background image to change too…but when the USB is disconnected, the device goes back to the Main Menu state where the bottom third of the screen is used for the menu (but you’ll need to manually pull the cable, since this device stays otherwise “connected” till 2 seconds before final power down!) and in this menu it will sit until 10 minutes (which you can’t set) later when the “screen-saver” kicks in and shows your slide show again:

Same thing, no background image, waiting for the screen saver:


~ by nambabwe on 2009/04/05.

2 Responses to “Digital Photo Frame or Slower, Inexpensive Computer Monitor”

  1. Good…Thank for the new knowledge.Thank very much.

  2. You just saved me a great disappointment. I was about to buy one of these monitors to be used as you wanted to !

    Thank you very much.

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