PAN7001 to the rescue, with a blue tooth…

Well, well, well, we found a solution! (continued from here)

Traincars at Windhoek

Traincars at Windhoek

Not the best quality digital frame at a 480×234* resolution, but for $45 from Big Lots, a 7″ LCD Digital Photo Frame, model number PAN7001W01T made by Pandigital. “Stores 4000 images on 512 MB of internal memory.”

Apart from the same old problems with “PC connection established” and a long reboot after disconnecting the cable, and not starting the slide show by itself, I found a way to make it do what I want. It also shows the time at the top left, which seems to disappear after some time, or after sending a photo as described below.

So what you need is a $5.99 AirLink 101 ABT-U200 Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter (I am sure others might work too, but where do you get them for $5.99?) and a similar Bluetooth device on your computer. After pairing (code “1234”) your (Windows) computer would have a “My Bluetooth Places\Find Bluetooth Devices\Pandigital” folder from “My Bluetooth Places\Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood” containing an item called “OBEX Object Push on Pandigital”, and you simply need to drag a photo (24bit jpg, I’ve read) onto the “OBEX Object Push” icon and WHALA!! (You can send other files too, like a .BMP, but it shows you the “FILE” screen with photo, audio, video as “folders”, it does not display it) The manual even says that “When copy photo completes, your DPF will play the copied photo immediately after.” – in that exact English!

If you drag a photo with the same file name, it will overwrite on the internal memory of the device that will avoid me filling up the memory (there is no access through the Bluetooth to delete photos). But even if you send a new file, it will only display the sent one. Now I can see that a future firmware might change this, because, if I were sending pictures from my cell phone, I would have wanted the DPF to show all of them in a slideshow immediately.

The question now is, what would 25 DPF’s do up and running and how would Ubuntu fell about all this OBEX/Bluetooth stuff, off to the store, see y’all(s) later!

We are back and three LCD’s are talking with all three different Bluetooth dongles. Fry’s don’t have AirLink anymore, but MicroCenter has $9.99 xxx dongles and a tiny, tiny $14.99 xxx version. Not the quickest of all tasks to use Windows’ xxx\system32\fsquirt.exe to copy a file to a Bluetooth device, mainly because there is no way (yet) to supply the file and device name on the command line, and the GUI wants to discover ALL the devices again when you change from one to another. But fair enough, this ain’t going to run on Windows.

So now we have three displays, showing 3 images I want them to show, and I can change it any time I likeā€¦the file transfer happens so quick (small file helps) that you only see a blue background for a second or two.

A few pictures:

Default startup screen (not always starting in Auto Slideshow, weird), note the BT for Bluetooth in the top right corner:



Same old USB attachment nagging screen (someone cloned something somewhere…):
PC Connected

Removing the USB cable will cost you 60 seconds:
Remove USB

Reboot sequence after disconnecting the USB cable. Still can’t tell Windows (or PC) to fake a disconnect, but if you do “disable” all the drives or USB device in Device Manager, you can prevent a “reconnect”:

And now the Bluetooth solution:

The AirLink Bluetooth device attached:
USB to Bluetooth

The device while pairing:

The Windows screenshot:
Windows - Bluetooth

If you send a .bmp file:

All three in a row, how cool:
Three working DPFs

(I now have plenty of spare remote controls for the PAN7001W01T units (since one can control all), part number 60014YT00-HF8-G, so if you lost one, find me at, and depending the postage, I might send you a remote)

*Turns out that all my pictures looked somewhat crappy at 480×234 with extra space above and below the image on the screen, so on to a little investigation, not an easy one, since the Pandigital will zoom until either the width or height fits. After numerous Bluetooth transfers, I decided to look at what the “default” demo images are from the store…856×480, which is displayed as 428×240, which is not even close to advertised! Furthermore, if you do zero compression in the 24 bit jpeg file (and the image looks perfect when you reopen it on your PC) the edges are somewhat blurry on the display, so they do same averaging too…why in the world?


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  1. And now there is for sale, the “Mimo Mini USB Monitor” … (7inch and single USB cable used)

    Even a touch screen and webcam on the more expensive ($220) model … but where is the Linux driver?

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