Bluetooth Applet and D-Bus…what a learning curve!!!

Well, by lack of being able to specify the PassKey for all Bluetooth LCD panels on the command line, I thought I’d start learning in the GUI world by getting it typed in for me! This will not work if you run a server without GNOME, since bluetooth-applet (from bluez-gnome-1.8) won’t be running either.

So after a crash course in how Bluetooth Pairing work, how D-Bus might work and how Gtk2 will only work (seems like applets are very sensitive to “debug” strings, they might just not show up!) here is a screenshot of the General tab in Preferences, where I’ve added the “Default Passkey”:

Bluetooth Applet's Preferences

Bluetooth Applet's Preferences

It also took some code changes (additions, rather) in applet/main.c, applet/agent.c and properties/general.c

Without a worry about the key, you can do “sudo ussp-push /dev/rfcomm3 /home/user/image.jpg image.jpg” from the command line, especially when the Bluetooth gadget just got started and needs to be paired.


~ by nambabwe on 2009/05/18.

2 Responses to “Bluetooth Applet and D-Bus…what a learning curve!!!”

  1. Can you send me the Bluetooth applet?


    • Do you just need the binary “bluetooth-applet” or would you rather like to compile the source itself?

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