Why is it running in XP?

You have a Task Manager full of things that was not there yesterday, like “Google Updater”, “OGAVerify”, etc, etc … and you can’t find from where the suckers are launched, so check all these places:

  • Start->All Programs->Startup   <- delete everything fishy here
  • Start->Run… (or Window-R) and then type “Regedit” and go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\, the most suspect location. I always do a search (F3) for “RunOnce” and look in it and in the “Run” folder right above it.
  • also check in the registry key  ‘ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad’ (near Run/RunServices/… (F3 to search)) and delete any unwanted keys there, this loads more crapunwanted stuff shortly after the Windows desktop appears! — Thanks TG.
  • ( A tool like CCleaner can also help here, it has a “Disable” button in Tools->Startup for everything that wants to run, but also a “Delete” button if you are sure!  )

  • Then go to Start->Control Panel->Scheduled Tasks and have fun with all the programs that got put there without you even knowing, like “Goolge Updater” <- I had 7 in the list to start “every hour”, “every day”, and so on!
  • You also need to check through all your “Services”, so Right-Click on My Computer, then Manage and at the bottom go to “Services and Applications->Servies” … here you want to Stop and then Disable (or Manual Start) the unwanted services … note that Google Update is hanging out here too!
  • The most effective way to catch all these “Internet Surfing Unwanted Applications” is to install a Firewall like ZoneAlarm, and let it show you every program that tries to open a socket locally or to the outside, and then you simply block them forever!

    Hope it helps!


    ~ by nambabwe on 2009/09/11.

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