Ever wanted to have a small keyboard with only 5 keys?

The need is simple, a small/tiny keyboard that fits in your pocket to use in the lab or production floor to assist in running a test or installing something without having the space to put a full size keyboard. By the time you have the on screen keyboard up and working with a mouse or touch screen, you really don’t feel like doing the task any more. So a simple keyboard with just 5 keys, , , , es and o will do wonders!

I had a keyboard abused by the next generation with a few missing keys that I was about to throw in the dumpster, when I noticed that there are about 20 screws keeping the thing together, so of course, the curiosity got the upper hand! “What could be so important to be kept behind 20 screws?” Once opened, there was nothing waaau in the Logitech keyboard, but a tiny circuit board with 3 LEDs and the two connectors to the keyboard matrix. And a USB cable, of course.

Looking at the 2×1 inch board, I recalled my desire to build a tiny keyboard…so I tried it out. Soldered a momentary push button switch (NO) to the two tracks I traced from the ENTER button location, plugged it into the computer’s USB port and sure, I had a single () button key(board)!!!

How to use the input-utils package in Ubuntu:

Finding you keyboard (or input device now)
~$ sudo lsinput will list all the input devices as /dev/input/eventX

And since the Logitech has X=2 here, from a sudo input-events 2 you’ll see the following by pressing and releasing the button:

~$ sudo input-events 2

bustype : BUS_USB
vendor : 0x46d
product : 0xc315
version : 272
name : “Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard”
phys : “usb-0000:00:1a.7-3.2/input0”
uniq : “”

waiting for events
09:55:02.033247: EV_MSC code=4 value=458840
09:55:02.033252: EV_KEY KEY_KPENTER (0x60) pressed
09:55:02.033254: EV_SYN code=0 value=0

09:55:02.105242: EV_MSC code=4 value=458840
09:55:02.105246: EV_KEY KEY_KPENTER (0x60) released
09:55:02.105247: EV_SYN code=0 value=0

So let me get find and attach the , , and and then take some pictures!!!


~ by nambabwe on 2011/12/04.

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