MPLAB Hotkeys for PICkit 3

import into MPLAB->Configure->Settings…->HotKeys->Import…

17 90 2 {27470685-D660-4C7F-A380-9177F9A71C1C} ‘PICkit 3 Programmer’ Program


Ctrl-Shift-Z to program once the device is connected.

Where HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Toolbars\{27470685-D660-4C7F-A380-9177F9A71C1C} has the key … search Google what to look for in Toolbars!

and, if you like to use the PICkit 3 from the command line, you’ll need pk3cmd as only installed by MPLAB IDE v8.33 (and above) and not with MPLAB X, sorry:



~ by nambabwe on 2013/02/04.

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