Raspberry Pi time!

HDMI to DVI adpater works IF you have an SD Card to boot from, else blank screen!

raspi-config for SPI kernel module enable and hostname and password.

if the RT-MWK01 keyboard’s mouse pad acts like a joystick (moving back to center), cycle power.

python on the command line is defaulted to 2.7.3, IDLE 3 on the Desktop loads 3.2.3.


sudo python (sudo needed since /dev/mem is not your own)

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setmode( GPIO.BOARD ) # web example is lacking this
GPIO.setup( 18, GPIO.OUT )
GPIO.output(18, true )

so how do we run this at startup while doing sudo too?



Momentary Relay (we don’t want the PI to get stale and the relay stays on (we all know what a blue screen do to the attached hardware, or do we?), so turn it on, and will turn itself off again, just like a momentary push button, if you want to press again, you need to go low first)


Simply a capacitor that charges up as the relay is turned on, and once charged, the current in the coil  disappear and turns off. The capacitor discharges (once the drive is going low) through the bleed-off resistor (which is too big to carry enough current to keep the relay on).



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