sudo apt-get install git-core subversion build-essential help2man diffstat texi2html texinfo libncurses5-dev cvs gawk python-dev python-pysqlite2 unzip chrpath ccache sgmlspl

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash -> answer ‘no’

mkdir -p ~/prj/overo-oe

cd $_

git clone git://gitorious.org/gumstix-oe/mainline.git org.openembedded.dev

cd org.openembedded.dev

git checkout –track -b overo origin/overo


cd ~/prj/overo-oe/

git clone git://git.openembedded.net/bitbake bitbake

cd bitbake

git checkout 1.8.18

sudo python setup.py install

OE Conf:

cd ~/overo-oe

cp -r org.openembedded.dev/contrib/gumstix/build .

emacs build/profile -> set OVEROTOP correctly

source ~/prj/overo-oe/build/profile

Python psyco (not for 64-bit):

mkdir -p ~/prj/python
cd $_
svn co http://codespeak.net/svn/psyco/dist/ psyco-dist
cd psyco-dist
sudo python setup.py install



bitbake omap3-console-image

bitbake linux-omap3-2.6.33 (on 2010-08-15)

if the build errors out on expat-2.0.1


if  the md5 and sha simply do not match

update the .bb file

emacs org.openembedded.dev/recipes/expat/expat_2.0.1.bb

to make the  checksums what they are found to be!

if  glib-2.0 (task 484?) fails due to a glib-genmarshal not in the path, just do a

bitbake glib-2.0

(running its own 617 tasks) and then do a

bitbake omap3-console-image


failing 1787 or 3032 (iputils)? sudo apt-get install sgmlspl

error building omap3-console-image: http://old.nabble.com/latest-pull—%27omap3-console-image%27-has-no-buildable-providers-td30283935.html

add ASSUME_PROVIDED += “help2man-native”

to ~/prj/overo-oe/build/conf/site.conf


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