The Windows 8, 64bit Driver situation…and that is for Epilog Lasers…like a Mini…

So you download the driver, 807 or 808 and run it…but it can’t find your “printer”…so you attempt the manual route within the same driver setup software, only to end on a screen where it needs the driver files, Windows Update or Disk…huh? Could someone not figure this one out, that you are running the one and only device driver exe available and now you need to say where the drivers are? Well, take a look in “C:\epilog_driver”, and I am not going to comment about the fact that something has written in my precious C:\ root folder without permission.

But, you also need to know that it is not using the default “raw” protocol under Port Settings, but rather a “lpr” and you need to invent a Queue Name yourself, no clue to what a default might look like. And, as you will find out, you can’t just use a previously set up port, you need to create a new one, and even though the IP Address is still, the “Printer Name or IP Address” field will now be “”, nice. And good luck deleting the unused ones if you don’t have a printer already set up, since “Print server properties” only show when you click on a “good” printer, like the “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. Inside that menu item is a dialog with a tab called “Ports” where you can “Delete Port”.

So you pick the device driver .inf file from C:\epilog_driver\folderSomething and then you get to name the printer “Type a printer name”, and whala, NOPE, SORRY, the same Window pops back up, name it again…and there we are stuck….so does this not like my name, the default name or any name?

I am very sure the issue is not the name, but rather the fact that we are installing an unsigned driver in Windows 8 without the special reboot to install unsigned drivers, so guess what, you’ll delete ip address port x once again! …here we go…

Yes, indeed, reboot through Mouse to the top right–>Settings(gear at the bottom)–>Change PC Settings–>General–>Advance Startup–>Restart Now–>…–>…–>and eventually press 7 to restart with avoiding driver signature enforcement–>WAIT 17 clicks to do this?!? The world has to notice this,  since when is Linux more work with a single “sudo command” and password line to get something simple, like installing a device driver done?

Yes, your honor, I rest my case…


~ by nambabwe on 2014/03/01.

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