It is 2014 and I still passionately dislike Windows version “anything”…

…and here is why from today’s experience: Brand new Dell Inspiron 17 “5000 Series” and NO Installation media available at time of purchase (which I usually get). So at the first chance of creating Factory Backup Media, here we go: 3x DVD+RW media needed (10.2GB for Factory Install) and off we go, 5 minutes in and poof, pops out the disk, “ERROR Writing to disk” and NO OTHER explanation given!!! 1 third of the disk written, looking at the disk itself, and no scratches or even fingerprints on the disk…but a whole disk wasted. So here we go, try another one…but what makes you think I an going to trust the disk(s) when it is all done, since I don’t see an easy way testing if it did write perfectly?!? Why does the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS iso using only 987MB on a single DVD feels like like such a better deal???


~ by nambabwe on 2014/06/11.

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