FTDI and Windows…

Well, well, well…

Who do we blame, Windows, FTDI or the guys who made all the fake chips. FTDI got its drivers to modify the PIDs of fake chips to 0000 and Windows got to install these drivers by special decree?

I was happily programming my Arduino boards until the Windows Update came along, and no, I am not re-installing Windows 7, ever again, it will accidentally look a lot like Ubuntu when that happens!!!

So a few screenshots to get the 2.12 driver to work in Windows 7, but note that your USB chip still has a PID of 0x0000 now. There could be some other tool on the web to fix that.

Update the driver from Right Click “My Computer”, Manage, Device Manager and Right Click the Yellow Exclamation Device, then Update Driver:


Browse my computer for driver software:


And don’t use the Browse part at the top, but the “Let me pick from a list” at the bottom:008

Have Disk… and point to the .inf file (first for the converter and then the serial port if needed):

[I simply renamed the downloaded .exe from FTDI to a .zip and dragged the folders into another folder]


But remember, you still have wacky PID_0000 in your device, so you might want to fix that too:005


So, the correct thing to do, would be to buy a product containing a real FTDI chip next time (but how would you know, the packaging on the Arduino programmer at Microcenter did not say “might contain…”, and it was working fine for 11 months, they only have a 30 day return policy) and then plug it into your Ubuntu computer!


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